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Have Bad Credit?
How to Get a Car Loan:

If you have bad credit or no credit but still need to buy a car, chances are good that you are concerned about whether or not you will be able to get a car loan with bad credit. The good news is that when you apply for a car loan with our dealerships, you can be 95% sure to get one regardless of whether you have bad credit or good credit. Here are a few things that you need to know to get an excellent car loan for a reliable new or used car, truck or other vehicle that will last for years to come:

Two business womenYou must understand financing and credit in the automotive industry.

Before you apply for a car loan, it’s important to understand what credit or finance is and why credit is an important factor in your new or used car, truck, SUV or other vehicle auto loan.

Credit is an accumulation of points related to your past financial decisions.

When you have a history of making wise financial decisions, you will have positive points attributed to your credit. However, if you have made bad financial decisions or do not have a long credit history, then you will have negative points applied to your credit. Once one understands credit and finance, then one needs to know how credit worthiness impacts a loan: Based on your credit score, lenders will determine how much of a loan to give you and what interest rate to apply to that loan.

If you have a good credit score, you may be able to qualify for a higher loan and lower interest rate. If you have a bad credit score, you will still qualify for a loan with us, but you may qualify for a smaller loan and a higher interest rate than those customers with good credit. Keep in mind that you will still be able to get a safe and reliable used car from us even if you do have limited credit opportunities – so don’t worry about that aspect!

We will get you a loan with a new or used car dealer anywhere in the country.

In order for you to qualify for a good credit, bad credit or no credit car loan, we do need to learn more about you. So please fill out the forms as thoroughly as you can, or call us. The ones looking at your information are specialists. They are here to serve you!